“Through Green Eyes” by Diana Joya

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Do you look at your pets and wonder what they are thinking about? Do you wonder what it must be like to live in their worlds? And what do they do all day, anyway?

Author Diana Joya’s Through Green Eyes takes you inside the lives of a neighborhood of pets. Kitty is full of personality. She and her friends go on adventures, including a treasure hunt with a real treasure map. Kitty also teaches the value of everlasting friendships.

Through Green Eyes encourages your imagination with a little help from magic and the power of love for others, self, animals, and nature. You’ll be entertained and might even learn something, too.

Some kind words about “Thru Green Eyes”

Such a cute book and the illustrations are so life-like and wonderful. I cannot wait to give this to my granddaughter

My younger son, who is two, absolutely adored this book. He was so excited when I got a copy in the mail, and he immediately took it and hugged it to his face. We have two cats, so he knew exactly what was on the cover. It took me a while to get him to give the book to me long enough to sit and read it, but once we did, we had to read it five or six times in a row. He very much enjoyed it.