About Diana Joya

Diana Joya

Diana Joya is a writer, children’s book author, speaker, and composer of regulatory manuals. She was born in Southington, Connecticut. She is the second of four children for Richard “Buzzy” and Karen. Education was not the emphasis when Diana was growing up, rather, hard work and earning an honest living was the standard. Diana had other aspirations, however, and tapping into her adventurous side, and wanderlust, she reached outside of the small apple town she grew up in.

She began her career in the insurance industry, which enabled her to go to college part time, and by self-funding her education, she received her bachelor’s degree in health administration, after many years of attending classes. In the meantime, Diana’s desire to explore the world, educate others, and dream big, persevered. Her first trip to Europe was when she was just 19 years old, to the United Kingdom. This trip opened up her curiosity for all of Europe and its variety of culture. Eventually, she would make many other trips, drinking in the not only the culture, but the food, sounds and sites of other countries, and reveling in writing about those experiences.

Her career transformed from the insurance industry into corporate training, management, wellness, software servicing, human resources, and eventually, to writing. Writing had always been part of her corporate career, as well, with manuals, procedural guidelines, and training materials being the spotlight. As travel continued, so did Diana’s desire to share her love and experiences with others.

Her first non-corporate literary accomplishment was to delve into writing a children’s chapter book titled ‘Thru Green Eyes’, bringing a cat’s personality to life, while encouraging children to read, put down their electronics, get outside, and use their imaginations to play. This sparked a series for the book subject, as it inspired both children and adults alike.

Diana resides in Cary, North Carolina with her husband, and personable cat, ‘Kitty’. In her leisure time she enjoys healthy living through fitness and healthy cooking, traveling, writing about, and planning travel and spending time outdoors.